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Vai Corinthians !Vai Corinthians!

  • Android;
  • SoundBoard with very sounds.
  • Wallpaper Galery.
  • Automatic sound repeat and automatically change of wallpaper.
  • Follow RSS feeds
  • More information


  • Android;
  • Facebook app.
  • Filter users connected to the page managed by the user;
  • Sort of users.
  • Send message to multiple users
  • More information

Blog Jovem Noticias

Imagem Geosistemas

SSPSC(Secretária de Segurança Publica de Santa Catarina) e SSPBA(Secretaria de Segurança Pública da Bahia)

  • Geographic Information Web System to control and show information about occurences, vehicles, dispatch emergency integrated and tracking vehicles.
  • Development of Geographic Portal.
  • Developed with ESRI technology using the ArcGis Flex API
  • Integration with other systems through WebServices;

SIGIBGE- Web Portal to view and search for information shared by IBGE.

Censo 2010- Web Portal that allows the visualization of census data and the thematization of the map from these data.

  • Developed with ESRI technology using the ArcGIS Flex API. .Censo 2010
  • Responsible for developing the tool thematization of the map, structuring data views and the ongoing maintenance of the system.
  • Link:

PMMA(Prefeitura de Maringá – PR)- Web Portal to manage and share municipals information

  • System ongoing maintenance;
  • Consultancy – Development assisted.

PMCS(Prefeitura de Caxias do Sul – RS)

  • Development consultancy to develop the map portal;
  • System Development;
  • Structure definition and survey requirements with the client.



  • ArcGIS Desktop software developed to TNC(The Nature Conservancy) and VALE;
  • Realize spatial analyst and many tools to help in the environmental licensing of rural properties;
  • Responsible for tools development and maintenance.

SIG Conjuntura

  • Developed to ANA(National water agency)
  • ArcGis desktop System.
  • Tools to calculations and spatial analyst of hydric information.
  • Tools to view information and integration with ArcMap.
  • Responsible for the tools development.
  • Responsible to user training.
  • More Informations.


  • Collection of digital maps – System for Web and Desktop Management
    collection, developed with WPF and C #.
  • HR Portal – Manager for Human Resources.
  • Intern tools -Tools for process automation of thematic maps and other tools to aid the technician in the use of ArcMAP.

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